Submit a picture

Do you have any archive photographs (1860s - 1990s) of Cheadle you would like to share.

If you do, you can send them to us by e-mail and if they are suitable, we would be happy to add them to the web site.

Please only send us photographs where you are the copyright holder or have permission of the copyright holder or you know that the pictures are out of copyright (generally 70 years since the person who took the picture passed away). 

Also, if you are able, please provide as much information about the pictures in terms of when they were taken and details of the images.

We are particularly interested in photographs of familiar scenes from bygone days, old school/work/club photographs, old photographs of buildings which no longer exist and photographs of any special occasions. 

If you need to scan the pictures, we would recommend scanning them at the setting of 300 dpi.

Alternatively, if you live locally, we have our own mobile scanning facilities and in return for a nice hot cup of tea, we can come round and scan them ourselves at a mutually convenient time.

Please e-mail or send to: